About Pikes Peak Postcards

Jen KarberAbout the blog:

The purpose of this blog is to increase awareness and appreciation of Colorado Springs’ built environment. Although our city has lost many of the historic sites which defined  its character, there is still much available to study, appreciate and celebrate! My goal is to post one historic site a week, in postcard form, with a photo and brief blurb about a specific place.  Most of the sites I write about still exist, although some are lone gone (but are  definitively worth remembering!).  Use the postcards as a quick reference guide while touring Colorado Springs, or as the starting point for a deeper look into our community’s remarkable history. Either way, I hope you enjoy my weekly Pikes Peak Postcards as much as I  enjoy “sending” them!

About me:

I am a historic property expert and 20-year resident of Colorado Springs.  I earned a BA from Colorado College and an MA in American History from University of Colorado – Denver.  My Master’s Thesis title was Little London Legacy: A Study of Historic Preservation in Colorado Springs. Currently, I work as a residential real estate agent specializing in Colorado Springs historic homes and neighborhoods. You can find me at JenKarber.com.