Monument Valley Park 1

Before 1935 Flood

Photo courtesy of Pikes Peak Library District Special Collections

Of all the gifts made to Colorado Springs by its founder, William Jackson Palmer, Monument Valley Park is quite possibly the  most treasured. This magnificent urban park, which borders the Historic North End to the west, has been a favorite recreational spot for generations. Inspired by the City Beautiful movement of the late 1800′s, General Palmer longed to create a lush garden spot at the edge of Fountain Colony. In 1904, he purchased all the land and properties along Monument Creek for two miles and laid out a series of cultivated and natural areas.  Following the English garden tradition,  Monument Park  soon became the state’s premier botanic garden. In 1907, Palmer deeded the park to the city. During the Palmer Era, (1904-1935) pedestrian bridges, lakes, and trails were added. By 1916, two pavilions and a swimming pool were built under the supervision of architect Thomas McLaren.