The Second Antlers Hotel

Cascade and Pikes Peak Avenues
Photo courtesy of the Pikes Peak Library District Special Collections

The Antlers Era began in 1883 when General William Jackson Palmer built his first Antlers Hotel at the west end of Pikes Peak Avenue. Strategically located right next door to the Denver and Rio Grande Depot, the Antlers was built in response to the city’s booming tourist industry.  Destroyed by fire in 1898, the original Antlers was quickly replaced by an even grander structure.  The second Antlers Hotel was designed by architects Varian and Sterner, using silver-gray bricks and red tile.  This Italian Renaissance-style hotel was widely believed to be even more beautiful than Palmer’s first effort.  The new Antlers proudly featured over 200 fireproof rooms, in addition to the popular Western Terrace which overlooked Monument Valley Park. Over the years, the hotel’s reputation for elegance and luxury grew. With its majestic spires that perfectly framed Pikes Peak, the hotel became the most recognizable man-made landmark in the city. The Antlers continued to benefit from its proximity to downtown but a slow decline in occupancy led to its demolition in 1964. Currently, the Antlers Hilton hotel sits in the same location.

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