Van Briggle Pottery Building

 1125 Glen Avenue

Designed by Dutch architect Nicholaas van den Arend, the Van Briggle Art Pottery Building is recognized as one of the city’s most colorful historic sites. Constructed of red brick, terra cotta and decorative tile, the factory sits on the the west edge of Monument Valley Park, along the creek. This stunning Art Noveau structure was the dream of celebrated painter and potter, Artus Van Briggle, who relocated to Colorado Springs in 1899 for health reasons. It was built in 1907 not only to house Van Briggle’s workshops and studios, but also to showcase the various art tiles and decorative designs sold by the company. Under the factory’s distinctive  kiln chimneys, Artus and his wife Anne, perfected the long-forgotten Chinese matte-glazes which would come to distinguish Van Briggle Pottery in the next century. Currently, the building houses Colorado College’s Facility Services Office. The Van Briggle Pottery Building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009.

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